Welcome to the Invivo Clinic

Invivo Clinic is a collective of experienced therapists, who offer psychotherapy in English to employees from companies and organisations where the corporate language is English.

Starting therapy is sometimes difficult. However, we strive to make this experience as comfortable and possible. Therapy is a space where you can get the tools to get unstuck and start taking steps towards dealing with your challenges in order to value living again.

We see a lot of different clients in our clinic with problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and self-doubt. We also work with clients who are dealing with work-related challenges, such as work-life balance, bullying, communication issues, conflicts, burn out, loss of motivation and lack of engagement.

At Invivo, we consider work-related stress as a symptom, not a disease, therefore it can be solved or prevented. We supervise both client and workplace in order to identify psychosocial risks and to develop self-awareness, relating skills, self-acceptance and to apply cognitive- and behavioural change in order to reach a more fulfilling work life, while always respecting client confidentiality. When working both individually as well as within the context in which the problem occurs, we experience greater benefits for both the employee and the workplace.

Sometimes people see us without knowing the specific reason for their suffering, and often there are interrelated issues regarding both work and private life. That is perfectly fine and normal, as challenges in one area of our lives often affect another - and sometimes we can get so overwhelmed with our thoughts, beliefs and emotions that we lose grip of the situation and get stuck. Together, we will work to identify the causes of emotional pain and start taking committed action towards a more valuable and meaningful life.